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Welcome to The Family Office. We specialize in offshore asset protection and tax minimization through New Zealand non-resident trusts, look through companies and other New Zealand low tax or non-tax structures for non-residents.

Many of our clients are high net worth individuals or corporations who are interested in the most efficient wealth creation and asset protection solutions. We are happy to offer them a broad range of expertise, from forming New Zealand limited liability companies, partnerships, look-through companies and offshore trusts to assist you through the whole process of acquiring or establishing a business including contract documentation related to multi-jurisdictional transactions, import-export, investment, share acquisitions and maritime and general international law.

We do believe lawyers should guide their clients as comprehensive business advisers and we are prepared to take you through the complex steps of asset protection, investment transactions and compliance issues which are part of the sometimes over-regulated New Zealand landscape. We do more than just provide you with structures, we advise you and assist you in ensuring that you optimise your asset protection experience.

That is why we are known for doing that bit extra, whether it is helping you establish a personal experience with a New Zealand bank, assisting you in drafting your contractual documents, introducing you to the right New Zealand wealth and property consultants or projects, there is very little we can’t do for our clients and we believe at one of the most cost effective prices you have ever experienced.

At The Family Office we pride ourselves on our experience, dedication, honesty and integrity. We love New Zealand and although New Zealand may be a little behind than other countries, it is one of the safest countries in the world for you and your money.

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