Corporate Agents

  As a firm dealing with offshore clients we are often being approached by international agents and consultants whose clients are interested in incorporating a New Zealand company or establishing a foreign trust for international trading and/or asset protection. We are always happy to cooperate with our colleagues and help them to find the best solution for their clients.

We are continually expanding our network of partners in other countries and always happy to cooperate with our colleagues from other jurisdictions. We would like to explore the possibility of being your exclusive agents for New Zealand and become part of your corpus of experts for New Zealand.

Over the years we have been chosen by many of the world's top international and corporate agents to be the agent of choice for New Zealand because apart from traditional service we also work with Corporate tax structuring and legal advice. We can refer you to our high quality consultant lawyers. They are experienced in providing comprehensive legal solutions to your clients issues including legal documents, precedents, forms and general multi-jurisdictional structuring advice, blind trusts and double blind structures of full confidentiality guaranteed, revision of your clients' business documentation and in certain assess debt recovery and other legal supports services.

If you believe that New Zealand as a jurisdiction may be of interest to your firm and your clients, please feel free to contact us for any further information. We look forward to discuss these matters with you.

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